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The imaginary line, defined by the flat base of a lower case letter such as “x”, upon...

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This is the art that extends past the crop marks, allowing for slight variations in trimming without these becoming obvious. The standard amount of bleed is 0.125″ although the printer may ask for more than...

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body font

Also called body type or text face. The font used in setting the running text on a page in a book, website, magazine, catalog, brochure or other publication. A good body font should be easy to read, legible and provide...

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book paper

A category or group of printing papers that have certain physical characteristics in common which make them suitable for the graphic arts. Used for books, magazines, brochures, fliers and most other reading material, with the...

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Bits Per Channel. In Photoshop and other image editing programs, a file or image is dividied into channels based on the color space being used (i.e., a grayscale image uses one channel, an RGB image uses three channels and a...

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