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unjustified type

Lines of type set at different lengths which align on one side (left or right) and are ragged on the other. See ragged left and ragged right.

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Also called resampling up. To increase the resolution of a file using an image editing program such as Photoshop. When you up-res an image, Photoshop attempts to create the additional pixels in a fashion that matches the lines and curves of the original image. Although an image which has been up-res’ed will be clearer than it’s low-res counterpart, it is obviously not as clear as something which was originally created at the higher...

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Also called capitals or majiscule. The capital letters in a font as distinct from the small letters (THIS vs. this). The term originates from the days of metal cast type, where the capital letters were stored in a top case and the small letters were stored in a bottom case—consequently the letters themselves were referred to as “uppercase letters” and “lowercase letters”. See...

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UV coating

Refers to surface treatments which are either cured by ultraviolet radiation, or protect the underlying material from its harmful effects. In the design of packaging, the most common use of UV coating is to give a gloss, satin or matte finish to a printed material. UV coating is applied using a screen printing method allowing for certain areas to be masked out thus creating a “spot gloss” or “spot matte”...

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