I bought a Macro lens accessory set for my 52mm Nikkor lens. This past weekend I decided to take it for a quick test drive. Here are the results (I’m shooting with the Nikon D90 camera).

Macro photo of a fly on the wall

This was a fly on the window. Hardest part was getting him to stay still long enough in order to get the photo. I was quite surprised at how shallow the depth of field is on a macro lens. You can see it here. The wing is in focus, but the leg isn’t. So that’s about 0.5mm of focal depth. Next I’ll be doing some tests with smaller f-stops to see if I can get a bit more focus.

Wedding Ring

This is my wedding ring. Not too exciting.

Wrist Watch

This is my Citizen eco-drive watch. As you can see, it has had a lot of wear.

Fairy Ornament

This is a little fairy ornament. I actually liked this photo the best. Nice lighting. Again, the depth of field is too shallow.

Diamond Ring

For this one, I actually put the camera on the couch and so was able to have a longer exposure time (and thus a higher fstop). As you can see, it has given me more depth of field, but not much.

Baby Stuffed Toy

This is a stuffed toy. Extreme close-up. I like the colours.

Spider on the Wall

And finally, Mr. Spider.