In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to recreate the Chaos Walking movie poster. Trying to recreate something like this is a great exercise because there are some pretty advanced (but easy to learn) techniques.

You’ll learn how to use overlays, which I’ve included in the download, to add drama, light, texture, and more to an image. I’ll show you how to organize your layers in Photoshop to get the perfect look. You’ll be able to use text in a more exciting way, how to color grade your whole composite so all the elements look good together as a cohesive image, and much, much more!

Download tutorial assets here.

The tutorial is divided into sections, which you can jump to using the table of contents in the video description.

If you’re interested in my full set of dust, water, smoke and fog brushes and overlays, you can get them discounted here.
And if you’re interested in my full set of lens flares, you can check them out here,

Download original poster here:
Download Six Caps font here:
Futura font available from Adobe Fonts.