This composite was inspired by a piece of art that’s been bouncing around the 3D art community for many, many years. The painting is called “One More Time” by Steven Stahlberg, and you can see it here.

It’s been in my “inspiration folder” through at least 6 different computers (which isn’t a great commentary on the longevity of computers, but that’s a different story). When it came time to doing my next photo composite course, I decided I would try to recreate the painting as a photo realistic composite.

I took the photos the model using a Nikon D750 in my home studio and got the dragon 3D model from Turbosquid, then rendered it in Modo. I then composited it all together into what you see here.

I’ve created a course that allows you to follow along and do the composite yourself. The course is comprised of 8 HD video lessons (totaling an hour and 45 minutes) as well as all of the original assets used for the composite.¬† You can check out the course here.