Learn how and when to use the updated Content Aware Fill tool in Adobe Photoshop 2019; the “magic button” to get rid of items in your image.

In this tutorial I’ll take you through everything you need to know about this tool—every setting, every toggle, every button. This is a comprehensive tutorial on the tool.

Thanks to the photographers of unsplash and pexels for providing the free images used in this tutorial:

– Caju Gomes: @cajugos
– Chris Benson: @Lordmaui1.5
– Max Langelott: youtube.com/lelol
– Nathan Rogers: @nathanjayrog
– Raoul Croes: @raoulcroes
– Sebastian Yepes: www.sebastianyepesdesign.com
– Sebastian Voortman: @sebastianvoortman

You can download the images used in the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

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