I’m happy to announce that Nucly.com is now up and running!  After our first year of selling online courses, we realized that we need a site dedicated to online training. And thus we’ve separated our blog (Zeven) from our courses (Nucly).

Nucly offers online training for creatives from professionals in the industry. Learn the tools, techniques and workflows used by successful industry professionals in graphic design and photography.

The site itself is built on an e-learning platform that gives you the best learning experience possible.


Your Own Course Library

Set up your free account in Nucly and all of your tutorials and paid courses will show up in your library, where you can view the training videos and download the assets.

Video Streaming


Rather than having to download large video files, the new site allows you to view all your online training videos directly in your account. The video player works on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Progress Tracking

Your progress through the courses is tracked each step of the way.

Asset Downloads

The assets for each course—and ALL free tutorials—can be downloaded directly from your account, as many times as you want.

Take a look at the new site here!