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Episode 1: Movie Poster Reviews

Here’s a review of some recently released movie posters, including: Night Moves (Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, Peter Sarsgaard) Son of a Gun (Ewan McGregor) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1000 Times Good Night Who is John Galt? Automata The Box Trolls Falcon Rising This is the first review video. I will be publishing more. If you have a specific design you would like for me to review, put it in the comment below and I will try to include it in my next review. If you have a personal design you would like reviewed, leave a link to it in the comments. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel...

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5 Things I Learned Shooting a Short Film Entirely on my Own

I was recently introduced to the Shortland Film Competition, where filmmakers are given the opportunity to put together shorts that are then screened to an audience and judged live, with the winners (top three) qualifying for a championship round. For the first round, filmmakers are given only 48 hours to put together the entire short—start to finish. The topic of the film, a line of dialogue and a prop are included in the film requirements, so you can’t start until the requirements are announced. Having always wanted to get into filmmaking—and working around the edges of it as a...

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Comic Sans and the Dark Knight

  “Why? Because it’s sometimes better than Times New Roman, that’s why.” — Vincent Connare Comic sans is one of the most loathed fonts by professional graphic designers. And, more and more, it is becoming universally recognized as a terrible font—even though it’s use is still ubiquitous. Memes about Comic Sans are everywhere and there is more than one website dedicated to the font—not in a good way. Thank God too—it’s about time this font falls into oblivion. So, how did a simple font get such a terrible name? The reality is that there ARE fonts worse than Comic Sans....

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Creating the Ultimate Kid’s Art Station

Last year, my wife and I built our twin girls a bunk bed. The bed was their “big” present for Christmas, so it couldn’t simply be a bunk bed. After a whole lot of research and browsing Pinterest, we found a design we really liked on It just so happened, that the blog had full plans for it and so we started building it. It was originally going to be the girl’s birthday present (their 4th birthday was in November), but their birthday came and went before we finished. So it became their Christmas present—and they were definitely happy...

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Key Art: Creating a Lasting Impression

The Hollywood Reporter defines the term “key art” as “the singular, iconographic image that is the foundation upon which a movie’s marketing campaign is built.”  It is the image that appears on the film poster, in magazine ads, on the DVD/Blu-Ray Cover and on the streaming movie thumbnail. From a graphic design perspective, key art can be extended from the realm of film to any intellectual property. A book cover, an album cover, a game cover—all of these have key art that is repurposed across the marketing campaign. And the good key arts—the ones that leave a lasting impression—immediately...

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Photographing Glass Ingredients

After getting a spark of inspiration while looking at a jar of pickles, I decided to build a small rig with some extra wood I had in my garage. The crux of it is a black backdrop, a black floor with glass on top of it and a hole, allowing me to place a flash pointing upward. With this rig in place, I did a series of photos of various bottled and jarred items. The idea was to see how these things would look if lit from within. I used two flashes—one through an umbrella that also bounced off...

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My 10 Rules for Graphic Design

I was asked recently what were my own 10 rules for design. This isn’t an easy question to answer as I feel there are a lot more than 10 rules that I use and I honestly don’t know that there are as many as 10 really important ones. But with those caveats, here’s my best attempt at writing my personal 10 design rules: 1. Start with a really good idea.  Polishing a turd will only go so far. My former Art Director used to tell me that it takes 100 bad ideas to come up with one good idea. This isn’t true every...

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Terrible Font Choice

Growing up in the early 80’s, I was a Star Wars fanboy. I had most of the characters and watched the films numerous times. I even had fond memories of The Ewok Adventures. That said, I am very excited about the new Star Wars. I’m a big fan of J.J. Abrams and thoroughly enjoyed his reboot of the Star Trek series. A couple days ago the second teaser trailer was released and it was awesome to behold. Watching the last scene with Hans Solo and Chewie, I felt like a kid seeing my father return from a long business trip. It flooded me...

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